Hawai‘i Pacific University Announces Tuition Assistance to Active-Duty Navy Personnel

In the wake of the U.S. Navy’s announcement that college tuition assistance funding has been depleted for the current federal fiscal year ending September 30, Hawai‘i Pacific University will offer one free course to active duty Navy personnel who enroll in either of the University’s next two Military Campus Program terms.       

HPU is committed to the continuing support of the educational goals of active Navy personnel. The University will notify its current Navy students of the offering and welcomes new active-Navy students to also take advantage of the free course plan.   

“Our university has a long history of partnering with the military,” says John Gotanda, president of HPU. “For more than 40 years, HPU has educated military personnel, here in one of the nation’s most vital military communities, through the university’s Military Campus Programs. This free tuition course offer for our men and women serving in the Navy thanks them for their service to our country and affirms HPU’s commitment to providing them with educational opportunities to further their careers.”

For more information, please contact HPU’s Pearl Harbor campus director/academic advisor Santisha Taylor at pearl@hpu.edu.