United Nations (UN) Club Participates in National Model UN Conference

United Nations (UN) Club Participates in National Model UN Conference

Submitted by Mark Robert Artur Etscheit, Co-head Delegate, UN Club

A delegation of 10 students alongside the club advisor Andrea Malji, Ph.D., journeyed to New York City on Friday, April 12, to represent Hawai’i Pacific University at the National Model UN Conference.

Over this semester, preparation for the conference was no easy task as the team had been chosen to represent the Syrian Arab Republic, an interesting and timely, yet very challenging state to accurately represent. The trip was a complete success. Each team member learned more about themselves and the world around them, and also distinguished themselves from the larger group of all attendees by receiving the award of an “Honorable Mention.”

In addition, the team was very excited to have the chance to reconnect with an HPU alumna, Asmita P. Barua, who works in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General at the United Nations.

The club extends thanks to the students, staff, and faculty who supported their travel to the conference. If you would like to find out more about the members’ conference experience, please reach out to unclub.hpu@my.hpu.edu. The delegate representatives would be delighted to share insights on the training, getting to the conference, and the lessons learned as part of this truly unique and impactful experience.

Pictured from left to right: Eva Hernandez Zenon, Christina Francis, Darin Nieuwsma, Isabelle Klewstigh, Mark Elliott, Kiesha-Marie Chong, Asmita P. Barua (HPU alumna & UN representative), Jade Rhodes, Nicolle Medak, Dr. Andrea Malji (faculty advisor), Mark Etscheit, Justin Iwamasa.