Bridging Science and Art and Collaborating with the Community

Drs. Andy Dewald and Michael Erickson with Kailua Onstage Arts team

The HPU Psychology department and Honors Program, and the cast, crew, and director of Kailua Onstage Arts' "Marjorie Prime" collaborated to provide a talk to community members and HPU students on Sunday, April 7, after the matinee performance. Assistant Professor of Psychology Andy Dewald, Ph.D., and Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Honors Program Michael Erickson, Ph.D., spoke about the cognitive science of memory as it related to the central issues of the play "Marjorie Prime."  

Jordan Harrison's "Marjorie Prime" is a science fiction play that features an 85-year-old woman who uses artificial intelligence to help her remember her past and focuses on the social complexities that result from what occurs when we use such technology to help us reinforce not only our memories, but the narratives we tell ourselves. The director Kevin Keaveney and the cast of the show spoke with professors Dewald and Erickson after Sunday's matinee to help discuss and draw out themes of the play. It was attended by several HPU students from the psychology department and the Honors Program including Samantha Causey, Brianna Vides, and Amos Kipchumba. Tickets for the show, which runs until Sunday, April 14, can be found here.