HPU Short Script Contest Winners Announced

HPU Short Script Contest Winners Announced

The 2018 HPU Short Script Contest Winners are:

 Original Script Category

1st Place: Alanna Solomon for A Matter of Wife and Death

2nd Place: Kristin Niizawa for Ghouls

3rd Place: Zoe Cowan for Sugarcane Cage

Honorable Mention: Jade Burr for The Pickup 

Adapted Script Category

1st place:  Lorraine Jimenez for The Woman in the Walls (adapted from “The Yellow Wallpaper”)

2nd place TIE:  Samantha Baker for The Masque of the Red Death  (adapted from the story of the same name by E.A. Poe) and Destiny Clark for Persephone (adapted from Greek mythology)

Honorable Mention: Hugh Steele for The Lottery (adapted from Shirley Jackson’s short story of the same name). 

The contest provides $600 in scholarships to the winners and is supported by the Mark David Bauer Fund. This year, over 30 scripts were submitted. For additional information on the HPU Short Script Contest, contact Professor of English Mark Tjarks, Ph.D., at mtjarks@hpu.edu or 566-2445. 

Pictured from left to right: Professor Mark Tjarks, Ph.D., Lorraine Jimenez, Sammy Baker and Alanna Solomon