TESOL Students and Faculty Participate in Conference


Five TESOL students and Professor of Applied Linguistics Hanh thi Nguyen, Ph.D., presented at the annual Hawaii TESOL conference – attended by TESOL professionals from the state of Hawaii, the mainland US and Asia – on Feb. 16, in Laie, Oahu.

  •  "Using Local Conversations to Develop Learners' Interactional Competence" ( Matteo Socciarelli and Hanh Nguyen)
  • “Problems in English Pronunciation for Brazilian Portuguese Speakers” (Izabela Muller)
  • “Developing Language Skills Alongside Academic Skills: Oral Presentation Workshop for Advanced ESL Learner” (Alanna Solomon)
  • “Experiential Learning in Local Contexts: Developing Language Skills for Shopping” (Etsuko Tanaka)
  • "Teaching Language Functions through Movie Clips: Invitations" (Ayana Willis). 

The students' presentations were developed from their coursework, with further mentoring by faculty, Hanh Nguyen and Jean Kirschenmann. Presenting at the conference deepened and expanded the students’ learning and gave them the opportunity to gain new perspectives on their work and related topics.  

Additional TESOL students and alumni, Lisa Faonelua (MA TESOL), Justin Pannell (2018), Marc Peraino (2018), Mary Smith (2018), Chris Ferry (2015), Leola Solis (2014), and faculty Jean Kirschenmann and Ken Cook, Ph.D., participated in the conference.

Pictured from left to right: Matteo Socciarelli (MA TESOL), Hanh Nguyen (faculty), Jean Kirschenmann (faculty), Ian Lactaoen (BA TESOL), Ken Cook (faculty), Andrea Kalwara (MA TESOL), Alanna Solomon (BA TESOL), Izabela Muller (MA TESOL), Ayanna Willis (BA TESOL), Etsuko Tanaka (MA TESOL)