McKee and Boivin Provide College Campus Safety Training to Kamehameha High School Seniors

Dean of Students and General Counsel Provide College Campus Safety Training to Kamehameha High School Seniors

Dean of Students Marites McKee and General Counsel Jan Boivin sparked conversations about college campus safety among graduating high school seniors and their parents on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at Kamehameha Schools’ Maui campus. McKee and Boivin will provide the same training to the Kamehameha Schools' Kapalama and Hilo campuses.

Their training session addresses campus safety generally, as well as street-smart safety tips and the strong correlation between alcohol consumption and sex assault.  The Maui presentation challenged students not only to be prepared, but to have the courage to intervene, get help, or otherwise assist a fellow student in need. While high school seniors should encounter similar training at their future college campuses, such training usually occurs during the distracting period of freshman onboarding.  During this unique session, high school seniors and their parents received the same training content in separate rooms to encourage open questions and frank discussions. As early as the car ride home and throughout the summer before college, high schools students and their parents could "talk story" about students' experiences with alcohol, body mass and alcohol tolerance, and what-would-you-do scenarios before the students enter their freshman year.  Students were asked to think about safety when it comes to: accepting a cup from a stranger at a party; deciding to separate from friends at a party or club; deteriorating judgment after the consumption of alcohol; and nighttime walks from dorm rooms to the library.

Click here to see the video shared during the closing of the training session.  In the video, HPU college students were asked to answer the question, "If you could give your high-school self words of advice during the summer before your freshman year in college, what would you say? "

HPU's “We Care” Safety Program:

Beginning in 2011, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) initiated programs, and later regulations, focused on sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. The DOE cited alarming statistics pertaining to sexual assault that generally remain true to date.  For example, when young women get to college, nearly 20 percent of them will be victims of attempted or actual sexual assault, as will about 6 percent of undergraduate men. The DOE noted that female college students experiencing actual sex assault were more likely to be incapacitated than physically forced.  The vast majority of incapacitated sex assault victims reported drinking alcohol and being drunk prior to victimization. A more recent study by the nation's main insurer of higher education institutions likewise revealed that 78 percent of sexual assaults in higher education involve alcohol, one-third of victims were drunk, passed out or asleep, and 90 percent knew the perpetrator.

HPU provides a variety of educational and prevention programs that address these intricate issues, seeking to encourage general awareness and bystander intervention, and to spark early conversations on the correlation between alcohol consumption and sex assault.  To this end, Ms. McKee and Ms. Jan Boivin founded HPU's We Care Program to enhance training methodologies and outreach, recognizing that training is always more powerful with real-life stories of survival and strength.