Students in Sustainable Art and Design Course Initiate Combat Paper Program

Students in adjunct Denise Karabinus' Sustainable Art and Design course at the Pearl Harbor Education Center made paper from a students’ retired military uniform. The class worked together on Friday, Nov. 30, to cut the uniform up into tiny postage stamp sized pieces and then the material was pulped in a large scale Reina Beater at the Manoa Heritage Center. Students used the pulp to create handmade sheets of paper from the uniform and incorporate various military items like dog tags, insignias, patches and the American flag into their unique paper sheets. 

The initiation of the combat paper program was a class project, challenging students to think through and put into action the various aspects of getting a sustainable art initiative off the ground. Most students in this course are active duty military, recently retired or honorably/medically discharged veterans, so there is a natural connection to this particular topic. The longer term goal is to keep the program going and offer more opportunities for military veterans to transform their uniforms and memories of service into art. Karabinus and team will be looking for a regular home where veterans can meet every month to make paper on an ongoing basis. The next eight-week Sustainable Art and Design class will pick up the reigns and move the project forward.