HPU Students on Teams Placing in the Hawaii Annual Code Challenge (HACC)

HACC is a hackathon-inspired competition designed to engage the community in modernizing state functions and services and support IT workforce development. This year’s HACC took place over three weeks, from Oct. 27 to Nov. 10. Challenges from multiple State departments focused on sustainability goals demonstrated in the Aloha+Challenge Dashboard, concentrating on social, economic and environmental factors.   


Two teams with HPU student participants placed: 

  • Mahi Spray, Agathon winner and 5th place overall
    As a solution to the Department of Agriculture challenge, the team’s goal was to have a very user-friendly product that simplifies the logging and record keeping of pesticide use.
    HPU student participants included Rhema Kishida, Frieda Clanton, Emma Carlsson, Sinne Astrup Soerensen and Nichole Leonard. Learn more about the project on the team’s Devpost page, which includes a video they produced, here.

  • Plant Hawaii, 3rd place overall
    The team’s application helps researchers by encouraging users to learn more about Hawaiian plants, as well as trying to identify them in the wild. HPU student participants included Sean Harding (pictured), Caleb Joseph, Iokepa Lapera, Tai Bui, Chad Fukumitsu, Lionel Courteau, Kekoa Santana (pictured) and Lorraine Jimenez (pictured). Learn more about the project on the team’s Devpost page, which includes a video they produced, here. Also pictured, Gov. Ige and starting from the far left: Assistant Professor of Computer Science Mary Smith, Ed.D., Rep. Jarrett Keohokalole and Christine Sakuda of Transform Hawaii Government; photo courtesy Office of Enterprise Technology Services.  

More than 40 HPU students took part in the competition, including students representing the HPU Computer Club who presented Hawaii CleanUp, and students in Instructor Ed Souza’s IS 6110 course who presented Planthunter.

Conceived by Gov. David Y. Ige, HACC is coordinated by the Office of Enterprise Technology Services in partnership with Hawai‘i Pacific University and Hawaii Technology Development Corporation.

Souza was part of the coordinating committee, technical judging and represented HPU at the various HACC events and in media. Additionally, 10 HPU students volunteered on the HACC event days.

To learn more about HACC, click here