HPU’s Professional Development Conference, Pupukahi i Holomua – United to Move Forward

HPU’s Professional Development Conference, Pupukahi i Holomua – United to Move Forward

By Susan Gray, Employee Relations Manager

On October 24, 2018, HPU held its second annual Professional Development Conference with  the theme, “Pukukahi i Holomua – United to Move Forward.” The conference was put on by the Office of Human Resources with the contributions of faculty and industry experts as presenters.  This year’s theme was chosen to support the key message of the conference – how all HPU faculty and staff members can contribute to student success and retention. 

Several sessions, including the keynote, were focused specifically on this message. Industry experts in customer service were invited to participate in a panel discussion about customer service best practices and translating those into a university setting.  College of Business Dean, William Rhey, Ph.D, continued this topic in his session, “Planning for Student Success,” focusing on student retention. Vice President of Enrollment Management, Greg Grauman, added his expertise in presenting guiding principles for the admission and retention of students. 

Open to all faculty and staff, the conference offered seven different learning sessions on a variety of areas of professional development, including unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, and generational differences. Presentations also included those focusing on improving business practices by using data to drive efficiencies and methods of process improvement.  Over 100 staff and faculty attended this year’s half-day conference.

Pictured are conference presenters College of Business Dean William Rhey, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor of Information Systems Ghazwan Hassna, Ph.D.

Please note that presentations are available for download on the HR tab of Pipeline. Additionally, video recordings of the keynote session along with breakout sessions on Student Success (Dr. Bill Rhey), United to Move Forward (Greg Grauman) and Unconscious Bias (Dr. Halaevalu Vakalahi) will be available soon.