College of Health and Society (CHS) Hosts Global Healthcare Simulation Week Event

David Symonette, CHS Simulation Center Coordinator, facilitated an open house for faculty and students on Sept. 17 and 21. Held in conjunction with Global Healthcare Simulation Week, the event was a chance for students to participate in experiential learning in simulation, performing nursing skills and being exposed to patient safety issues. After the hands-on learning opportunity, they were able to reflect on how they did and what they could do better toward safe, more knowledgeable patient care. HPU logo items were provided as prizes to those who completed the simulation skills exercise.

Mahalo to Symonette, who is studying for the internationally recognized certification, CHOS, Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist, and student Simulation Technicians, Xyrene Faavi (Pre-Med/Health Student) and Mariah Newton (Nursing Student Level 2), pictured.