College of Liberal Arts Faculty Leads Interfaith Group

Matthew LoPresti, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, has been asked to help lead and facilitate an interfaith group that meets monthly at Lutheran Church of Honolulu. The group discusses theology and philosophy and their practical applications to a life of faith, spirituality and the world. 

The group, called the Process Forum, centers around process philosophical understandings of God and the world. Process philosophy emphasizes that the primary fixed nature of reality is change itself, as opposed to substance-based philosophies of the ancient Greeks and much of Western theology that emphasizes being itself as fundamentally real. 

"When we change our metaphysics we fundamentally change our understandings of concepts like God and reality," LoPresti said, "and this group explores what these different imaginings of profound concepts must mean for us in our daily lives, as well as in our understandings of worship and the relations we have with the divine and that natural world."