College of Liberal Arts Professors Attend Signing of Agreement between State of Hawai‘i and Republic of India’s State of Goa

College of Liberal Arts professors Marc Jason Gilbert, Ph.D., and Andrea Malji, Ph.D., were invited guests of Governor David Y. Ige to witness his signing of a preliminary agreement linking the State of Hawai‘i and the Republic of India's state of Goa in a sister-state relationship. In attendance at the September 28 event were delegates from Goa, including its Director of Art and Culture, Gurudas Pilarnekar, who signed on behalf of the Goa State Government. Both states share powerful common interests. Both are world-class tourist meccas featuring beautiful beaches and globalized cuisine, both have a commitment to the development of high-tech industries and, above all, both share a strong commitment to the preservation of traditional arts and culture. 

Each of HPU's attending faculty had ample time and opportunity to network on behalf of the University.  Gilbert, a veteran director of programs in India, and author of a recent book, South Asia in World History, was invited to join a delegation to Goa next fall. Malji, a political scientist with a special interest in Indian politics, affirmed the College of Liberal Arts' continuing interest in placing interns in the office of Hawai‘i Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a close friend of India, who currently has one such student in her office. Matt LoPresti, Ph.D., representing the State of Hawai‘i's House of Representatives, spoke on the subject and presented a document from that House acknowledging and praising the agreement.