Project-based Learning Book Published by College of Business Faculty

Project-based Learning Book Published by College of Business Faculty

Submitted by Harm-Jan Steenhuis, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Professor of Management, International Business 

Perhaps you know about the Harvard Business School (HBS) approach to education: the case-based approach where MBA candidates learn to analyze cases and come up with solutions. There is even a book written by a HBS faculty member to help students with how to do this (The Case Study Handbook by Ellet).

At Hawai‘i Pacific University’s College of Business, we think that the cases, while helpful, have a critical flaw: they often are a simplified version of a complex reality. Therefore, our approach to teaching our business students is project-based learning, where the students are confronted with the complexities of real business situations. Similar to HBS, HPU faculty Harm-Jan Steenhuis, Ph.D., and Larry Rowland,  Ed.D., published a book in October 2018 to help students with how to approach project-based education: Project-based Learning, How to Approach, Report, Present, and Learn from Course-long Projects. The book covers items such as the difference between a practice-oriented project versus a theory-oriented project, how to work in project teams, different types of projects based on the amount of instructor guidance, and how to communicate results in reports and presentations.

The book by Steenhuis and Rowland was promoted by the publisher, Business Expert Press, at a Professional Development Workshop organized by the Project Management Institute’s Honolulu chapter on Thursday, Oct. 19. The event included a book signing by the two authors.

Pictured are Larry Rowland, Ed.D., and Harm-Jan Steenhuis, Ph.D.