College of Health and Society Hosts Booth at Children and Youth Day

College of Health and Society Hosts Booth at Children and Youth Day

Assistant Professor of Nursing Ines Finin coordinated the participation of Level 5 Community Health Nursing students at the Children and Youth Day in Hawaii event held on October 7 at the State Capitol. Adjunct Kelly Green joined the group. 

The Nursing program volunteers engaged the attendees in learning about hydration and nutrition, utilizing fruit- and vegetable-infused water as alternatives to soda and sugar-filled drinks, as well as juices. They educated children and their parents on how much sugar is in each of the more popular sugared drinks. Parents were surprised and admitted they were not as mindful of the sugar content of drinks they have been giving their children. The Nursing group had set a goal to educate both children and their parents, empowering them to make different and healthier choices. 

The students also had a coloring station teaching preschoolers about different food groups to include in their plate utilizing the colorful "my plate." 

It was a fun-filled teaching and learning opportunity for all who participated at the College of Health and Society booth at the annual Children and Youth Day! 

Student participants included Janet Catabay, Eurice Elefano, Asthon Hartwell, Melyssa Agbannaoag, Liliana Rios, Antunez, Maria Trixie Madamba, Brianna Sortland, Jessicca Quitoras, Jenny Nguyen, Mae Lagmay, Andi Lindquist, Chona Andrea, Sienna Santiago, Janelle Domanguera, Agatha Rhea Reyes, William Shrimscher, Jade Miranda, Angela Gabuco, Brandon Marcello, Jeizelyn Pananganan, Catherian Tuilao,Roxy Martinez, Josh Flores, and William Ryan Strong.