HPU and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Harm-Jan Steenhuis, Ph.D., Professor of Management, International Business, visited the BetAbram factory in Krsko, Slovenia. Always looking to enhance courses and improving student learning, Dr. Steenhuis has visited a number of companies and institutes to enhance the MGMT 6350 Global Markets in Transition course. The course is currently built around the theme of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, and is open to any graduate student at HPU.

Additive manufacturing is a new type of production method that is predicted to lead to a fourth industrial revolution. The College of Business is preparing students for this new reality. For example, in the MGMT 6350 course students learn about this type of production method that reduces waste, thereby cost, and has numerous other important implications for business. To enhance the information in the course, Dr. Steenhuis visited BetAbram in September 2018 and spoke with Joze Abram (CEO) and Rene Ribic (VP of Finance). Their technology allows for the 3D printing of houses. During the visit Dr. Steenhuis learned how BetAbram prints houses and other objects built out of concrete, as well as how BetAbram is producing their concrete printers and why they are world leaders with their technology.

This visit added to the knowledge already gained from earlier visits to companies and institutes in the fields of 3D printing including aerospace, jewelry, footwear, desktop printers and 3D printing at nano-scale. Several faculty of the College of Business are doing research on additive manufacturing, and some of this research has been featured by the industry. These faculty are ensuring HPU students are prepared for the future.


Professor Steenhuis at BetAbram; the metal frame in the background is the 3D printer. Behind the fish is a wall about three-feet high, which is an unfinished house.