Hanai Program Volunteers and Peer Mentors Host E Komo Mai Reception

Fall 2018 Hanai Program volunteers at E Komo Mai cupcake social

The fall 2018 Hanai (Adopt-a-Student) program faculty and staff volunteers and Peer Mentors welcomed freshmen from their Hanai groups to a new student orientation event, a cupcake social held on Friday, Sept. 14 at Aloha Tower Marketplace. Each hanai volunteer works with an HPU Peer Mentor to support first-year students adjusting to their new experience at HPU and in Hawaii. By participating in the program, students also get to know other HPU students. Mahalo to our volunteers.

Jan Boivin
Angie Botelho
Marissa Bratton
Dominique Bushong
Mariah Carey Campbell
Brooke Carroll
Dawn Chandler
MaryLou DePondicchello
Nick Giacona
Greg Grauman
Carin Iha
Joan Ishaque
Lisa Ishikuro
Celeste Lajala
Adrienne Lampitelli
Haley Lytle
Georgianna Martin
Melissa Matsubara
Marites McKee
Stephanie Mikneus Karlsson
Elizabeth Mulkey
Joanne Nakano
Chez Neilson
Bernard Nunies
Chelsea Patton
Ngoc Phan
Bill Potter
Kelly Primacio
Ken Rossi
Sara Sato
Ryan Tin Loy
Vincent Tsushima
Nicole Wechselberger
Myles Yamamoto