HPU Libraries Facilitates Donation of English Language Books to Peruvian Navy

Mahalo to HPU Librarians Ruth Hanlon and Matthew Kanekoa and HPU student Jennifer Anderson for facilitating the donation of language learning materials to the Peruvian Navy. They coordinated efforts with Roberto A. Vargas Flores and with authorization of Admiral Gonzalo Rios Polastri of the Peruvian Navy to embark the books on the naval vessel B.A.P. Ferré, which is participating in military exercises in Hawai'i.  Commander Jorge Vasquez and Lieutenant Commander Jorge Chang are both assisting with the transportation of the books. TESOL faculty Jean Kirschenmann donated some of her personal books to the effort as well. 

The donation consists of easy-to-read fiction and nonfiction for the use of English-as-a-second language students, and Spanish - English books, in order to provide practice in English language comprehension.   This donation will greatly enrich the Library at Peru Naval Base del Callao, creating an English language collection for military personnel and family. This donation highlights the HPU Libraries’ commitment to bringing people and information together in innovative ways in the service of society.

Pictured from left to right: front row, Jean Kirschenmann and Ruth Hanlon; back row, Jennifer Anderson and Matthew Kanekoa