Oceanic Institute of HPU Publishes New Yellow Tang Research Findings

Chad Callan, Ph.D., OI of HPU director of the Finfish Program, and research colleagues had their paper entitled “Development of Improved Feeding Methods in the Culture of Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)” published in the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. Co-authors of the paper include Aurora Burgess and Renee Touse, former MS in Marine Science students. 

In 2015, OI of HPU announced the first ever successful captive breeding of Yellow Tang, a coral reef fish. With nearly 400,000 Yellow Tang collected annually from Hawaii reefs, it is one of the most heavily traded marine aquarium fish species. The research by the Callan lab team is part of ongoing work to improve the culture of Yellow Tang as a means to help conserve Hawaii's reefs.