History Professor Presents at the Conference on 1968 and the Tet Offensive

Professor Marc Jason Gilbert, Ph.D., HPU’s NEH-supported Endowed Chair in World History, delivered the luncheon speech at the Conference on 1968 and the Tet Offensive, held under the auspices of the Vietnam Center and Archive and Institute of Peace and Conflict, Texas Tech University, April 26-28, 2018. Gilbert’s many works on the international dimensions of the wars in Vietnam include Why the North Won the Vietnam War, and an anthology on the Tet Offensive, co-edited with William Head, that includes essays by combatants, military and academic analysts, and by the Republic of Vietnam’s wartime Ambassador to the United States, Bui Diem, an old friend.  He was especially happy at the invitation to speak as the organization is the largest American academic institution dedicated to the study of Vietnam.  His talk can now be viewed here.