Alumna Publishes Thesis Research

humuhumunukuku picture

Corrie Wong (MS in Marine Science ’15), Oceanic Institute of HPU research assistant, has published part of her thesis, which appears in the March issue of Coral Reefs. Her main thesis mentor was Professor of Biology Keith Korsmeyer, Ph.D. Wong’s research examined the tolerance of different triggerfish species (including the humuhumu nukunuku a pua’a) to low oxygen levels, or hypoxia, that may be encountered when the fish shelter within the reef at night.


Wong, C. C., Drazen, J. C., Callan, C. K. and Korsmeyer, K. E. (2018). Hypoxia tolerance in coral-reef triggerfishes (Balistidae). Coral Reefs 37, 215-225.

Photo courtesy Keith Korsmeyer