Social Work Professor Receives Fulbright Award

Professor of Social Work Howard Karger, Ph.D., has received a Fulbright Research Scholar appointment. This Fulbright award will take him to Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway in the Fall of 2018. Karger will focus on and study high interest lending practices, conducting research to support his upcoming new book that will examine alternatives to high interest lending. Norwegians are among the most indebted people in Western industrialized nations due to high housing costs, making them vulnerable to high interest loans. Karger plans to interview people who are in the midst of or have had high interest, low income loans. He will also look at how the Norwegian government is or isn't dealing with high interest and predatory lending practices.

Karger, who is the author of the book, Shortchanged: Life and Debt in the Fringe Economy, says learning from the Norwegian experience will help him to broaden his knowledge of international systems. He adds that an active research agenda can help inform thinking and as a result enriches teaching.