The John Heckathorn, Ph.D., Internship Award

The John Heckathorn, Ph.D., Internship Award

The John Heckathorn, Ph.D., Internship Award provides awards for the Hawai‘i Pacific University College of Liberal Arts, Department of Communication students. Heckathorn, who was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and perhaps Hawai‘i’s best known food and cultural media critic, passed in 2011.

“For more than 25 years, his words graced the pages of Honolulu magazine and through his writing, he was able to touch hundreds of thousands of lives,” said Scott Schumaker, president of PacificBasin Communications. “He really enjoyed what he was doing for HPU. He was extremely energized by a new generation of journalists and media entrepreneurs,” Schumaker said.

The intent of the award is to encourage HPU students to engage in practica and internships to gain real world experience, see if they can apply what they learned in school and try out potential career options. Many students have to choose between an internship and a part-time paid job, and this award can help alleviate that.

To be eligible, applicants should be enrolled in the department's COM 3950 communication practicum program. The 2017 award is up to $1000. The deadline for application is December 1, 2017. The award is funded through the Department of Communication Student Success Fund.

Recipients will be selected by the Department of Communication in the College of Liberal Arts in accordance with policies and procedures for awarding University awards. A representative of the family will sit on the selection committee.

For further information and the application form, contact the Department of Communication at