Pilot Student Nurses Association Career Readiness Workshop Series

Pilot Student Nurses Association Career Readiness Workshop Series

Collaborative and Innovative efforts of the Career Development Center + president Amanda Logsdon of the SNA
As told to Amanda Austin, Career Development Advisor

Why did you choose this particular workshop to attend?

I chose this particular workshop because I believe it is crucial that nursing students not only focus on their education and mastering their skills, but, that nursing students learn how to be young professionals. Nursing is growing, and the career field is very competitive. I wanted to learn what it takes to land a job in this tough market. By attending the workshop, I was given feedback about resumes and especially the importance of cover letters. Not only did I learn how important it is to look good on paper, but I was able to understand what it takes to present yourself in a professional light during an interview.

Name three learning outcomes from your experience that added to your career readiness?
  • I now understand how important it is to have your resume reviewed. It is crucial that we double-check our spelling, grammar, and the information listed. I now understand the proper layout for a resume and how important cover letters are when applying for any position at any company.

  • Though it was intimidating, I feel prepared for interviews after meeting with the Career Development Center (CDC) staff. They put me on the spot with tough practice questions, and they taught me exactly how to pause appropriately in order to give myself time to collect my thoughts before answering a question.

  • Not only did the CDC staff teach me the skills to land a job, they also taught me how important it is to take time for myself outside of my future career. Nursing is a tough career, and nurses spend so much time taking care of others that they barely spend time taking care of their own needs. Amanda Austin at the CDC created a special segment on reminding us future nurses how important it is that we dedicate time for the other things in life that we enjoy! I am very thankful for the CDC staff and their time and dedication to our nursing students, and I look forward to working with them again in the spring 2018.

What advice would you give to other students who could utilize Career Development Center services in their program of interests?

The advice I would give to others is to get in the CDC office! The CDC is a service to all HPU students and the staff prepares you for after you get your Diploma. We often forget that there is life after college and the CDC will give you the skills needed to land a job. As students we have hectic schedules, but don't miss out on the opportunity to have your resume reviewed or to have a chance for a mock interview. Attend their events, and learn how to be a young professional now before you graduate! The CDC is here for us, so take a chance and schedule a mock interview with them. I promise you will be happy you did.