Profile on Catherine Ghourani

Catherine Ghourani

HPU is excited to launch a new Engineering program in fall 2018, led by Catherine Ghourani, Ph.D., a professor who has an extensive background in the medical and engineering fields. This program is unique to the island, placing an emphasis on state-of-the-art education, practical application, and industry-based learning. Ghourani feels active engagement in projects that cultivate leadership and management skills effectively prepare students to make an impact on their community and the world. She notes, “HPU is a great place for academic achievement and advancement. Students should take advantage of the industry and community ties professors have, as well as the academic advice that guides them towards a professional role in society.” Ghourani believes HPU’s unique location at the crossroads of the Pacific allows students to work in diverse teams and gain a broad cultural awareness essential for future engineers. Her hands-on teaching style focuses on bridging the teaching-research nexus, and equips students with the ability to apply theory to practice. She is confident the Engineering program and coming expansion will produce graduates who are world ready leaders.