Principles of Marketing Class Visits Anthology Marketing

Principles of Marketing Class Visits Anthology Marketing

On December 2, students in the Fall 2016 Principles of Marketing class of Attila Pohlmann, Ph.D., toured the offices of Anthology Marketing Group, which offers services in four disciplines: Research, advertising, digital, and public relations. Preceded by a presentation about the company, students viewed some of its award-winning commercials. Hearing firsthand accounts about the creative process that goes into researching, conceiving, and executing marketing campaigns allowed students to glean insight into how the theories from class are applied in marketing practice. A peek behind the scenes at the focus testing facility and the in-house call-center exemplified how marketing endeavors are informed by prior consumer research.

A team of Anthologists including Nathan Kam, Noah Tom, John Itamura, and Samantha Tsui took the time to answer students’ questions.

The company’s clients include Hawaiian Airlines, Bank of Hawaii, Marriott, and the Hawaii Tourism Authority.


offers internships to HPU students.

Pictured are Nathan Kam, Partner / President PR (far right), Noah Tom, Creative (7th from right), and Dr. Attila Pohlmann (far left)