Student Perspective: Epic Internship Find

Student Perspective: Epic Internship Find

HPU senior Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) major Gabriella Andrade took a step of courage in her spring and fall semesters of 2014-15, when she landed a unique opportunity to work at United States Tennis Association (USTA) Hawaii Pacific Section.

For the typical HTM internship opportunity, Andrade found what appeared to be an unlikely HTM internship at USTA that opened up a wide span and look into the industry. What interests her in the HTM field is the event planning process. She was specifically looking to learn more about that segment of HTM.  The internship at USTA gave her an active part in the planning, preparation, and execution of a variety of community events. 

Here are her three learning outcomes from her epic internship at USTA

  •          Develop communication skills. Andrade had to communicate with a variety of directors, stakeholders, and team members. She learned that communication preferences and styles are key to the success of any organization and team.
  •          “USTA also prepared me for working in a collaborative environment.” She had firsthand experience in group dynamics and working towards a common goal.
  •          Importance of networking, maintain, and sustaining positive relationships both inside and outside the organization.

What particular services from the Career Services Center did you find most helpful?

Andrade took full advantage of the Career Services Center resources and advisors. She found the cover letter and resume writing assistance to be most beneficial. Once a semester Andrade makes an appointment to visit advisors to review her resume and finds it very important as she continues to explore different internships, scholarships, and job opportunities.

What advice would you give to other students considering taking on an internship in their program of interest? 

“Internships are great opportunities to learn, gain experience, network, and get a glimpse into the profession a student may be interested in exploring. If you are considering taking an internship, I would strongly recommend visiting the Career Services Center to receive feedback and assistance.”