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Fellow of the Pacific Award

Fellow of the Pacific Medal (Front)
Fellow of the Pacific Medal (Back)

Since 1973, Hawai'i Pacific University has honored outstanding community leaders for their contribution to Hawai'i, the Pacific Basin, and to the University by awarding of its Fellow of the Pacific Award. Recipients of the award have included members of Hawai'i's congressional delegation, governors of the State of Hawai'i, local government officials, business leaders, educators, philanthropists, and noted professionals in a host of fields.

Recipients of the Fellow of the Pacific Award are:

Major General Arthur “Joe” Logan (BA ’93) Spring 2016
Dawn Amano-Ige Spring 2015
Henk & Akemi Rogers December 2014
U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (BSBA ’09) December 2013
Governor Neil Abercrombie December 2012
Mayor Peter Carlisle December 2010
Mr. Anthony R. Sellitto, Jr. February 2010
Dr. Robert M. Orr January 2010
Joseph Saguto June 2009
Rev. Nancy B. Lockwood May 2009
Dr. John Fleckles August 2008
Mr. Jim Nabors January 2008
Mr. Charles A. Sted August 2007
Mayor Mufi Hannemann May 2007
Dr. Alissa Arp January 2007
Mr. Nainoa Thompson August 2006
Dr. David A. Heenan May 2006
Mr. Allan R. Landon January 2006
Dr. Louanne Kennedy August 2005
Mrs. Nancy Ellis May 2005
Dr. Bruce Anderson January 2005
Mr. Stephen L. Little August 2004
Mr. Frank Boas May 2004
Mr. Randall W. Roth January 2004
Mr. Wilmer C. Morris August 2003
Dr. Thomas E. Farewell August 2003
Mr. Richard Halloran May 2003
Mr. Ralph A. Cossa January 2003
Mrs. Caroline Matano Yang August 2002
Lt. Gen H.C. Stackpole May 2002
Mrs. Jessie Cheng April 2002
Admiral R.J. Zlatoper January 2002
Mr. Paul C.T. Loo August 2001
Maj. Gen. Nancy R. Adams May 2001
Amb. Charles B. Salmon, Jr. January 2001
Mr. William E. Aull September 2000
Mrs. Ann Simpson September 2000
Mrs. Jean Cornuelle September 2000
Hon. Simeon R. Acoba, Jr. August 2000
Mr. J.W.A. "Doc" Buyers August 2000
Mr. W. Allen Doane May 2000
Mrs. Margery Bronster January 2000
Dr. Paul A. Cox August 1999
Dr. Thomas E. Farewell May 1999
Mayor Jeremy Harris January 1999
Mr. L. James Hochberg August 1998
Dr. John Payne August 1998
Dr. John A. Marvel May 1998
Dr. E. Alison Kay January 1998
Mr. W. Donald Duckworth August 1997
Mr. James A. Kelly May 1997
Rear Admiral Lloyd R. Vasey March 1997
Dr. Roderick F. McPhee January 1997
Dr. Helen G. Chapin August 1996
Mr. Thomas C. Leppert May 1996
Governor Benjamin J. Cayetano January 1996
Dr. Michael J. Chun August 1995
Rev. Frank E. Butterworth May 1995
Mr. Richard L. Griffith January 1995
Dr. Everett Kleinjans August 1994
Mrs. Cora M. Tellez May 1994
Mr. Lawrence M. Johnson January 1994
Mrs. Jackie Young May 1993
Mr. William E. Aull January 1993
Governor John D. Waihee May 1991
Dr. John H. Payne May 1991
Mr. William Donald Castle May 1990
Mr. Shunji Hirano February 1990
Mr. Robert J. Pfeiffer February 1990
Governor William Quinn May 1989
Mr. Sam Slom May 1988
Mrs. Catherine Shen May 1987
Governor George R. Ariyoshi May 1986
Dr. Edward M. Barnet May 1985
Dr. Wilbert L. Hindman May 1984
Mr. Malcom MacNaughton May 1983
Mr. Robert E. Black May 1982
Senator Spark Matsunaga May 1981
Congressman Cecil Heftel April 1981
Mr. Alvin R. Gould July 1976
Mr. Eddie Au Yeung February 1976
Ms. Cynthia Perkins February 1976
Dr. Boon R. Binson June 1975
Mr. Thomas P. Peuanchi June 1975
Dr. Asa Knowles June 1974
Dr. James L. Meader May 1973