Transfer Credits

How Will My Credits Transfer?

Transferring of Credits

  • HPU will consider all courses completed with a grade of "C-" or above from regionally accredited colleges and universities for transfer credit.
  • Only credits from previously attended universities transfer into HPU, not the grade point average (GPA) earned. Cumulative GPA from all universities attended is only used in the calculation of points for honors at graduation and some honor societies.
  • There is no expiration date on transfer credit.
  • Given adequate processing time, students will know exactly how many credits will transfer before registering for classes.
  • Credit evaluations will show all courses that are transferable to HPU. Students are free to explore degree programs to see where their credits will apply.
  • During the evaluation, all work completed at universities on a quarter system will be converted to semester hours. Each quarter-hour is equivalent to .67 of an HPU semester credit. Therefore, a 4 quarter-hour course will show as 2.68 credits after transfer evaluation.
  • HPU also recognizes credit from multiple sources, such as Advanced Placement (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), the International Baccalaureate (IB), International Students Transfer Credits (ASI), and U.S. military training.
  • HPU recognizes credits from previous studies at educational institutions outside the U.S. International transfer students may qualify to receive transfer credit (advanced standing) at HPU. For more information about course evaluation, please click here.

Course Equivalencies

  • In addition to formal articulation agreements our transcript evaluators have determined course equivalencies for many other schools from which HPU students have transferred. Courses listed in the database are currently what we have evaluated; it does not list every course that an institution offers. Also, these are meant only as a guide and are subject to change without prior notice; a formal transfer evaluation will be completed once accepted into HPU as a degree seeking student. To see how your credits may transfer, use our search engine:
Transfer Credit Search
  • If you would like to see how your credits may transfer to Hawai'i Pacific University, visit the transfer credit search page.

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