Online Application

Applying online is the fastest way to submit your application to Hawai'i Pacific University. Here are a few tips to successfully process your application:

1. When you begin the online application process, you will be asked to create an account.  This will allow you to complete your application in more than one sitting.

2. You will be asked to fill in some personal information, academic information (including your educational background and which major you are most interested in), information about your extra-curricular activities, and a personal statement. Your personal statement can be written in advance and pasted into the text box provided. You may also submit that separately by mail, if you choose.

3. To complete the online application process, you will need a Visa or MasterCard to pay the $50 non-refundable application fee.  If you or your parents do not have one of these cards please mail us a check or money order.

4. Prior to or after submitting the online application form, please request that all of your required transcripts be official and sent directly to Hawai'i Pacific University from your high school and/or any previous college(s). High school applicants should also be sure to submit their official SAT or ACT results, if they are not included on their transcript or have not been previously sent to the university.

5. International students, please click here for additional requirements.