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“Don't be afraid to break out of your shell, talk to people, and try something new!”
Gabriella Marzullo, Italy, Spring 2016
“Jump in! Your study abroad adventure is what you make it to be.”
Carina Lara, Morocco, Fall 2015
“It is a wonderful experience with limitless possibilities and adventures.”
Hunter Haas, Thailand, Spring 2015
“Travel as much as you can!”
Korina Randall, Italy, Fall 2011-Spring 2012
“Go into the program with an open mind and thirst for learning.”
Victoria Dickey, SEA Semester, Summer 2016
Horizons will be broadened and you'll make friends and unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.”
Glenn Frye, Japan, Fall 2014-Spring 2015
“Dive in, have no expectations, and be flexible.”
Mackenzie Pope, Turkey, Fall 2015-Spring 2016
Helena Wyatt, Bali, Indonesia, Fall 2012
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