Getting Started

HPU now has over 300 approved program options in more than 65 different countries. In addition to our 50 exchange partner universities (EP), HPU has recently partnered with 4 new Education Abroad Organizations (PO): American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE), GlobaLinks and the School for International Training (SIT).

Now students can travel to pursue a credit bearing internship; conduct hands on field research; take courses directly at a Univ. or take program classes in English at a study center.

Below is a brief overview of the process for studying abroad through one of HPU’s approved programs.

1.  Research your study abroad program options:

You can choose to:

-Study Abroad with one of our exchange partner schools (EP)

                -Students will be charged HPU tuition but will make their own housing arrangements

-All Federal Financial Aid and HPU scholarships can be used

-Study Abroad through one of our partner Education Abroad Organizations (PO)

                -Student pay program directly for all tuition, housing and travel costs

                -All Federal Financial Aid can use used

Consider the following:

•Your goals for studying abroad (language fluency, cultural immersion, completing degree requirements etc...)

• The type of experience you hope to have:  Are you interested in studying at a University, pursing an internship for credit or interested in field based experiential learning?

•The best location, environment or program structure for achieving your goals.

Housing options

Student services, support or activities that the University or Program offers

Application requirements for all schools and programs you are considering to apply to as well as the HPU requirements for studying abroad.

2.  Start or continue your language studies if you plan to study in a non-English speaking country  

3. Apply for or renew your Passport

4. Make an appointment to receive an HPU Study Abroad Application and discuss your plans for studying abroad.  For an appointment, fill out the

Study Abroad Inquiry Form:

Melissa Matsubara

Director, International Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

1164 Bishop Street, Suite 800; Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: (808) 544-0288; Email:

5. In preparation for your appointment, please meet with the Academic Advisor for your major to get a better understanding of your remaining degree requirements. You will need to bring your degree plan to your study abroad appointment and be prepared to discuss your plans for completing all of your remaining requirements.

6.  Once you have decided on a partner school or study abroad program, educate yourself about where you will be studying by doing the following:

• Contact students who have been to or are from the school you want to attend and get information about their personal experiences.

• Visit the Internet site for the school or program you want to attend.

• Read surveys completed by HPU students who previously studied at your intended study abroad site.

• Prepare a budget to plan out your costs while studying abroad.

7. Review all National and Program specific Study Abroad scholarship opportunities

*Please note that most scholarship application deadlines are often a semester or year before you plan to study abroad.

8. If you receive financial aid, meet with a Financial Aid counselor to figure out what aid you’ll be able to use towards your semester abroad.

9. Ensure that the courses you plan to take abroad will count towards your HPU degree, by filling out the course grid on your HPU Study Abroad Application.

•Find courses abroad that can meet remaining General Education requirements or requirements for your major

•Obtain a course description and syllabus in English for all courses and alternative courses you wish to register for.

•Work with Director of Study Abroad to schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Faculty Liaison for your major for discussion, suggestions and approval for your courses abroad to fulfill degree requirements

9. Apply to your study abroad program or host school and begin the process of obtaining your visa.

•Complete relevant application documents, which may include personal and family background information, educational experiences, housing preferences, health review, source of financing, language competency (if foreign language proficiency required), personal essay, and other forms.

•If necessary, ensure your application documents, including your HPU transcript along with a copy of your passport, are sent to the host school or program. Soon thereafter you will receive a formal acceptance notice.

•Research the process for obtaining a visa and other respective requirements for studying in your host country.

Note: If HPU nominates you to be an exchange student at a particular university, you are automatically accepted there under the reciprocity terms of the exchange agreement.

10. Submit your HPU Study Abroad Application by the posted deadline:

Fall Semester Deadline: Mid-March                         Summer & Spring Semester Deadline: Mid-October

Eligibility requirements for studying abroad

•Undergraduates and Graduate students who have completed at least one semester of studies at HPU.

•Minimum GPA of 3.0 and good academic and judicial standing.

•Having declared at least one major.

•Completing an HPU Study Abroad Application which includes a course grid verifying your foreign coursework and HPU equivalents.

•Essay articulating your goals for studying abroad.

•Encouraged to study language of your host country.

Requirements for Receiving HPU Credit While Abroad

•Each course you plan to take needs to be approved by the appropriate academic department for credit towards your major, minor or general education requirements.

•Attend the full duration of your program or Host University’s academic term.

•Enroll in whatever constitutes as a full course load at your Host University or program.

•While abroad, encouraged to take one course to learn the language of your host country.

•Take courses for a letter grade and earn a C or higher. However, your grades from abroad will not be factored into your HPU GPA.