Scholarships in Austria

The Marshall Plan Scholarship for FH Salzburg and MCI

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the historic speech held by U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall at Harvard University on 5 June 2007, Martin Bartenstein, Federal Minister of Economics and Labour, and HE Susan McCaw, Ambassador of the United States of America to Austria, officially declared the intention of the two governments to improve Austrian-American relations in the spirit of the Marshall Plan and strengthen scholarly and scientific co-operation.

 Funded by the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation, an academic exchange program was established to finance scholarships and fellowships for academic exchange between Austria and the U.S. with special focus on universities of applied sciences and technical universities (“Fachhochschulen und Technische Universitäten”). Since funding is always an obstacle, the Marshall Plan Foundation offers up to 1,000 scholarships for American and Austrian students for the academic years 2008 to 2017. The funding will be up to EUR 10.000. For more information, please visit the Marshall Plan web site at

You may also download information in pdf form: About Marshall Plan Scholarship Foundation, Austria

 Who is eligible:

 Candidates must:

  • Study at an Austrian or U.S. university
  • Study in the field of technical sciences
  • Have an outstanding record of achievement in their profession
  • Get nominated by their universities
  • Hand in a research proposal or documentary report of their research work


Application deadlines: usually March/April and November


  • In addition to the “student data form” your application needs to include:
  • Research proposal of about 2000 characters ( ½ to 1 page A4 size)
  • Complete name and contact information of research supervisor at the home institution
  • Contact persons for application at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria (Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH):


Ms. Mag.Teresa Rieger, MPA

Tel: +43 502211 1033

Fax: +43 502211 1039


Dr. Gabriele Abermann

Tel: +43 502211 1304

Fax: +43 502211 1039



Sample Proposal Application

Workflow of Marshall Plan Scholarship Application

Before MPS stay:

  • Student submits research proposal to research supervisor at the faculty
  • Research supervisor or International Office submits official nomination to International Office (IO) at Fachhochschule Salzburg (FHS)
  • Student discusses details, work programme and deadlines with the research supervisor
  • Student contacts the faculty at FHS where research will be carried out
  • Student discusses details, work programme and deadlines with the supervisor at FHS
  • Student submits “Student Data Form” by Email to IO (Teresa Rieger) at FHS
  • IO nominates student for the scholarship
  • Marshallplan Foundation (MPS) approves research proposal and sends contract to nominees
  • Nominee signs and returns the contract to MPS
  • MPS sends a copy of the signed contract to IO at FHS
  • IO sends “Letter of Acceptance” to the student
  • Student applies for a student visa to Austria – for more information, please check:
  • Student submits pdf copy of the visa to International Office at FHS
  • IO requests for the first instalment of the grant
  • MPS confirms processing and remittance of the first instalment

After MPS stay:

  • Student submits research paper to supervisor either at home university or FHS
  • Date of submission as indicated on the contract with MPS
  • Number of pages as indicated on the contract with MPS, excluding title page, table of contents, lists of literature, annexes, graphs etc.
  • A4-size paper
  • 1.5 line pitch/spacing
  • Supervisor sends written approval of the research proposal to IO at FHS
  • Student sends pdf copy of the research paper to IO at FHS
  • Student sends pdf copy of “Confirmation of Attendance” to IO at FHS
  • IO updates the MPS database, uploads research paper and requests for the final instalment of the grant
  • MPS reviews research paper and decides on acceptance, revision or rejection
  • In case of revision and/or rejection, MPS informs IO, and IO informs student and student’s supervisor
  • MPS confirms remittance of the final instalment
  • Student confirms receipt of the final instalment

Ernst Mach Grant

This grant is for undergraduate or graduate students who would like to study at an Austrian university of applied sciences for one or two semesters. Students in almost all fields are eligible.

The Ernst Mach Grants are named after the famous Austrian physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach (1838-1916). It consists of two sub-programmes, the Ernst Mach Grant worldwide and the Ernst Mach Grant for studying at an Austrian University of Applied Sciences (“Fachhochschule”).

Both are financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMWF). Applications have to be submitted online at and then a board of representatives of the BMWF and the OeAD awards the Ernst Mach Grants based on the results of the assessment procedure.
You may also download information in pdf form: Ernst Mach Grant Information in PDF
Who is eligible:
  • Students who are studying at an Austrian university
  • Maximum age: 35 years (born on or after October 1st, 1976)
  • Applicants must not have studied/pursued research/pursued acdemic work in Austria in the last six months before taking up the grant
  • Proficiency in the language of instruction (German or English), particularly in the respective subject area, is a prerequisite
  • The confirmation of admission by the Fachhochschule degree programme of your choice has to be enclosed with the application

Applicaton Deadline: (for the 2012/13 academic year) March 1st, 2012

Link to Application: (online only) Online Application **be sure to click on the British Flag on the top of the page to change the language to English

Application Contents: (to be uploaded with application)

  • Two letters of recommendation by university lecturers. For these letters of recommendation no specific form is required; they must contain the letterhead, date and signature of the person recommending the applicant and the stamp of the university / department and must be no older than six months at the time of application.
  • Confirmation of the home university that the exams passed in Austria will be recognised by the home university.
  • Acceptance letter from the university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule).
  • Scan of your passport (page with the name and photo)
  • Scan of the transcript of your exams passed so far.