HPU Study Abroad Scholarship

HPU is now offering scholarships for studying abroad and in addition SIT and AIFS offers scholarships specifically for HPU Students. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Please see the links below to learn more about which programs are eligible for the SIT/HPU Study Abroad Scholarship and the AIFS/Study Abroad Scholarship  


The application for the three scholarship opportunities is an optional section on the HPU Study Abroad Application. The application will also require you to fill out the Study Abroad Financial Aid Assessment Form.   We strongly recommend you take the time to apply if you meet one of the following requirements below.


Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

a.    A member of a social/ethnic group traditionally underrepresented.

b.    A 1st generation college student.

c.    A military veteran or ROTC member.

d.    An NCAA athlete.

e.    A non-traditionally aged student.

f.     Have demonstrated financial need.

All scholarship recipients will be considered HPU Study Abroad Ambassadors that will help to promote and enable study abroad opportunities for their classmates and peers. Scholarship recipients will be required to:

a.     Submit an article to the Kalamalama or HPU Today while abroad

b.    Keep a blog during their time abroad.

c.     Participate in a service project for HPU that relates to study abroad upon returning to campus

e.     Help with study abroad presentations, tabling and the pre-departure orientation

f.    Be a general resource for students who are interested in the country you have studied abroad.

Make an appointment to meet with the Director of Study Abroad about your plans and to receive an application today:


HPU International Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

1164 Bishop Street. Suite 200 Honolulu, HI 96813