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Selah Chung

B.A. Integrated Multimedia

Aoyama Gakuin University Fall 2016

Getting the opportunity to study and live in Tokyo, Japan was an unforgettable experience that was challenging, eye-opening, and incredibly personally rewarding. I got to know people from all around the world, and got to experience both traditional Japanese and international culture. I fell in love with the people, lifestyle, language, and art of Tokyo natives, and I know that no matter where I go from here on, I’ll always carry a piece of Japan with me. My advice: travel as much as you can! You’ll see amazing things, meet amazing people, and find a bit of yourself wherever you go.


aoyama hakodate
Aoyama Gakuin University Hakodate University
Aoyama Gakuin University was first established in 1874 by missionaries. The university today has two campuses and over twenty thousand students are currently enrolled. Hakodate University (HU), a co-ed private institution founded in 1965, offers majors in various areas of business and computer sciences.
momoyama musashi
Momoyama University Musashi University
The predecessor of Momoyama Gakuin University (MGU) was established in 1869 by the Church Missionary Society of England and therefore has St. Andrew's University as its English name.

Located in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, Musashi University (MU) was established in 1949 as private institutes moving forward with the principle of cultivating individuals by harmonizing eastern and western cultures.

nagoya obirin
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Obirin University
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, located in Nisshin-city, was founded in 1988 and has been growing steadily since its establishment. Starting with only the School of Foreign Languages, NUFS doubled its offerings by establishing the School of Global Business and Economics in 1994. Located in the suburbs of Tokyo, Obirin University derives its name from "beautiful cherry orchard," highlighting the cherry blossoms that bloom on campus each spring. The name also shows it historical link with Oberlin College in Ohio, the alma mater of the school's founder. 
Surugadai University
Surugadai University
Surugadai University, located 40 km. northwest of central Tokyo (50 min. by train), has its origins in an earlier school founded in 1918 and became a university in 1990, with faculties of law, economics, cultural information resources and contemporary cultures.

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