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Musashi University

About Musashi University
Located in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, Musashi University (MU) was established in 1949 as private institutes moving forward with the principle of cultivating individuals by harmonizing eastern and western cultures.  Today MU is one of only thirty, four year private universities in Japan to offers a study abroad program in English. If you are fluent in Japanese or just know basics Japanese, MU offers a variety of courses taught in both Japanese and English. In addition MU has over four thousands students, one hundred ten faculty members, and eight different undergraduate departments. The campus offers an array of facilities and services that caterer to students such as athletic facilities, health center, counseling services, foreign language center, computer center and foreign book plaza to name a few. Also, MU helps students be evolve in the university in a program called Campus Mates; where they help foreign students in adjusting to the campus life in MU. Such socialization is beneficial to create long lasting friendships in your time aboard.  Once at the campus you are in presence of such breathtaking views such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Mt. Fuji. Student interests in studying in Japan in are encouraged to apply early as possible.

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Academics Available:  Open to all majors.

Dates to Remember:


Application Due

Study Abroad Dates

Fall Semester

March 1st

September 5th - January 30th

Spring Semester

November 1st

March 25th - July 30th

* Please remember HPU Study Abroad Application Deadline is Mid-March for Fall and Mid-October for Spring. 

Admission Requirements:

  • Must have attended HPU for one semester
  • Must intend to graduate from HPU
  • Must have at least a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Completion of at least one course in Japanese with a B average, or higher.

Application Procedure:

  • Complete the Student Exchange Program data sheet.
  • Schedule and attend a formal interview with Melissa Matsubara
  • Be prepared to discuss your motives for studying abroad and your degree plan.
  • Select an exchange partner university that has courses which can be used for your intended HPU degree.
  • Fill out the exchange university’s admissions application
  • Obtain recommendation letters to be turned in with your application. (This depends on the individual university’s application requirements)
  • Passport photos (Amount and size depend upon each university)
  • Sign a Course Request Approval (CRA) to verify your foreign coursework and HPU equivalents.

Health Insurance: Health Insurance is mandatory for all study abroad students. You may check with your current provider to see if they cover a study abroad, or you may choose an additional provider to cover you while overseas. Please consult our Health Insurance page found in our Resources section for more information.

Housing Accommodations:  Participants stay in Musashi International Dormitory located in Asaka Plaza in Asaka City. The dormitories amenities includes a kitchen, bath/shower, breakfast + dinner meal plan, and laundry facilities. In addition, Musashi Dormitory offers a shuttle service from Asaka Plaza to MU. Asaka Plaza is located about an hour from campus by train as well.

For more information on the dormitories, visit: (at the bottom of the page).

Rikko Kaikan is another dormitory option for international students in Tokyo, about 20 minutes walking distance from campus. Rikko Kaikan does not offer a meal plan, but students have kitchen access to cok meals. Visit for more information (website is in Japanese).

Currency:  The current exchange rate can be calculated online at

Visa Information: Student exchange participants apply for a student visa through the Consulate General of Japan, 1742 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu, HI (phone: 543-3111). Website:  and

You will find detailed information on the student visa process at

U.S. Passport information is available at 522-8283 (recording) and online at

Additional information about living in Japan:

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