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Billy Mayer

BS Diplomacy Military Studies

University of Mannheim Spring 2017

Given the opportunity to study abroad during my time at HPU was an enriching, rewarding, and unforgettable experience.  From the cultural intricacies of food, language, and daily life, to extensive travels around Europe was a dream come true. The German way of life is one of a kind and cannot be compared so easily. The boat load of greasy food and liters of beer do not begin to describe this experience.The people are kind and patient, the atmosphere is warm and busy (except on Sundays….), and the history extensive! My experience in Germany and more specifically Mannheim was beneficial because it was the chance of a lifetime. Without a doubt, I would do it again and recommend to all who haven't dared consider studying abroad to reconsider. You'll have a long lasting regret if you decide against it. My grandfather once told me: “Personal growth does not occur until you step out of your comfort zone.” So find the courage, explore, and have fun.

Viel Glück und Auf Wiedersehen,

Billy Mayer


HWR Berlin School of Economics and Law
Founded in 1971, BSE is one of the major universities for business studies and social sciences in Germany. Some 3,000 students from over 60 countries are currently enrolled and about 450 students annually graduate with a diploma degree, equivalent to the B.A. (hons.). The faculty consists of 60 professors and 150 lecturers.
University of Mannheim Plaza
University of Mannheim
University of Mannheim (UMA) is a public research university situated in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, founded in 1967. The campus is located in the city center of Mannheim and mainly centers on its main campus – the Mannheim Palace (completed in 1760). The UMA is considered to have by far the best and most prestigious business school in Germany and is consistently ranked #1 in national university rankings and among the top business schools worldwide for its business administration and economics programs. 

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