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Megan Miyahara

BSBA International Business

Yangzhou University Spring 2016

Studying abroad has definitely been the best and most challenging experience in my life. I had the opportunity to explore China and left with remarkable new outlooks on their customs and local activities.The really great thing about studying in China was that I was not limited to just staying in one city. On holidays, I had time to catch the trains or the buses to different parts of China. China is not just about visiting Shanghai or Beijing, but rather all the little cities that make up this unique country. I am glad that I had some time to travel outside of Yangzhou and see different cities with the friends I had made while being there.I chose China mainly because I am studying business and I thought it would be beneficial to go there to learn more about their trade and finance systems. I also chose China because it has so much to offer as a country. China has such a rich culture and getting to study and be apart of it all was such an eye opening experience.

Although my time there was just for a semester, I have learned a lot about China. I also learned a lot about myself as well. I always had second thoughts about going to China because of what I see on the media, but that’s where I was wrong. Somehow we only ever see the shocking news that comes out about China and seldom do we ever really see the media expressing how great this country is. China is still growing and developing as a country. As much as China is still its own country, there are influences coming from both the east and west. Yangzhou is rich in history as well as beauty, not only the landscape, but people as well. I was always surprised at the generosity of new friends and locals when I needed help.

I am constantly being inspired and challenged by my experiences there. Being there made me realized how lucky I am to have the life I am living. Behind all the development the country is going through, there is still a lot of poverty around. There were many times where I had conversations with people and had thoughts like, they hope for the things I take for granted. By being exposed to such a different environment, it has made me humbled and grateful for such an irreplaceable experience.

Yangzhou University


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Yangzhou University (YZU) is located in Yangzhou, where Marco Polo once served as a municipal official. Yangzhou is a city, rich with 2,500 years history and culture in China. YZU is well recognized for its ongoing research projects towards the sciences.  This university has a very large student body of over thirty thousand. Yangzhou offers students and opportunity to learn from a different cultural perspective though what the classroom and culture clubs offer. Students interested in learning about programs in Yangzhou University and what it has to offer can visit the YZU website.


Yangzhou, China 


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Academics Available

Yangzhou University is open to all majors    .

Application Procedure

Complete the Student Exchange Program Inquiry Form.
Schedule and attend a formal interview with Melissa Matsubara: be prepared to discuss your motives for studying abroad and your degree plan
Complete the HPU Study Abroad Application
Complete the USFQ Galapagos Application: See instructions here.

Application Deadlines

HPU Study Abroad Application Deadline:
Fall and Summer: Mid-March
Spring: Mid-October

Please contact the Study Abroad Office for Yangzhou University application deadlines   

Program dates

Spring Semester: February- July    

Admission Requirements

Must have attended HPU for one semester
Must intend to graduate from HPU
Must have at least a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
Must be fluent in English
Four semesters of College Level Chinese or the equivalent   


Yangzhou offers on campus housing for students. The accommodations are best described as converted hotel rooms. Rooms are furnished and offer an on site laundry room. They also have recreation facilities on site. In addition the location is close by shops and grocery store.      


U.S. Passport information is available at 522-8283 (recording) and on line at     


This is an exchange partner school, so students will pay their regular tuition directly to HPU; however, meals, housing, and travel are not included.     

Contact Information

Please begin the Study Abroad process by contacting the HPU study abroad office at or by completing a Student Exchange Program Inquiry Form.

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