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Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce at Shanghai University

About Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce, Shanghai University
The Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce (SILC) was founded in 1994 as a co-operative educational venture jointly owned by Shanghai University (SU), in China and the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), in Australia. SILC offers both degree and non-degree programs taught in both Chinese and English. At the beginning of the 2003-04 academic year, there were nearly 2600 students enrolled in degree and diploma programs at SILC. The Institute is spread across the three campuses of Shanghai University in Shanghai: The main campus of SILC is in Jia Ding, as well as the other two campuses in Bao Shan and Zha Bei. SILC currently has 70 full-time and part-time faculty members. Among them are 40 foreign teachers from Australia, Britain, America, Canada and New Zealand. For more information, check out this partner informational sheet on SILC.

Location:  BaoShan District, Shanghai, China

Website: for specific study abroad information:

Academics Available: View the list of courses offered by SILC: Click here for list of courses

Dates to Remember:


Application Due

Study Abroad Dates

Fall Semester

June 1

August 25 – November 31

Spring Semester

December 1

February 28 – June 15    

* Please remember HPU Study Abroad Application Deadline is Mid-March for Fall and Mid-October for Spring. 

Admission Requirements:

  • Must have attended HPU for one semester
  • Must intend to graduate from HPU
  • Must have at least a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Two semesters of College Level Chinese or the equivalent

Application Procedure:

  • Complete the Student Exchange Program data sheet.
  • Schedule and attend a formal interview with Melissa Matsubara
  • Be prepared to discuss your motives for studying abroad and your degree plan.
  • Select an exchange partner university that has courses which can be used for your intended HPU degree.
  • Fill out the exchange university’s admissions application.
  • Obtain recommendation letters to be turned in with your application. (This depends on the individual university’s application requirements)
  • Passport photos (Amount and size depend upon each university)
  • Sign a Credit Request Approval (CRA) to verify your foreign coursework and HPU equivalents.

Health Insurance: Health Insurance is mandatory for all study abroad students.  HPU recommends health insurance from Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for students study abroad. There is more information medical coverage and rates of CISI health insurance at

Housing Accommodations: The international students’ dormitory consists of four apartment buildings linked together, named Building V and Building Z, which started using in the year of 2001 & 2006. With 197 rooms & 160 rooms in which there are 245 beds & 180 beds, the building can accommodate 245 & 220 students. Staff members are particularly assigned to take the responsibility of the security and service 24 hours a day. Boiled water is available. All the rooms are well furnished and equipped and look neat and beautiful. Each building has its own elevator. There is a laundry room with pre-paid washing machines and a mini-shop selling foods and articles for the daily life for the convenience of international students.

For more detailed information and viewing pictures of facilities, please click the link:

Exchange students should inform the contact person of SU one week before leaving for Shanghai, and the University will arrange staff to pick up exchange students at airport

Currency:  The current exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Chinese Yuan can be calculated online at

Visa Information:  The Applicant can apply to local Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate for a visa to come to China. Please refer to the site for visa application procedure:
U.S. Passport information is available at 522-8283 (recording) and online at

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