fhs vienna

FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

FH Wien

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences lies in the heart of Europe, where picturesque communities wait to be discovered.  FH Salzburg was established in 1995.  Although they are a relatively new university, they offer tailored programs to fit the needs of each major.  FH Salzburg tries to prepare students for what the labor market desires.  Their professors are highly committed and have excellent higher educational backgrounds as well as experience in the actual industry.

"The FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW is Austria's leading provider of university of applied sciences degree programmes in the fields of management and communications. In line with the principle of lifelong learning, [their] approach to education is an active, flexible and forward-looking one.  Their mission is to enable their students to succeed.  With personalized support as well as a high degree of practical relevance in instruction, they provide their students with a solid foundation for a successful career."

 Management Center Innsbruck

Management Center Innsbruck

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) lies in the center of Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. MCI's programs focus on all levels of the personality and include areas of state of the art knowledge from science and practice relevant to business and society. As an internationally oriented information and communication center, MCI is open to new perspectives, methods and projects. Constructive dialogue and co-operative development of interdisciplinary competences are two of the pillars of teaching and learning at MCI.

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