About Exchange Programs

HPU Exchange Programs Vision & Goals


Hawai‘i Pacific University’s International Exchange and Study Abroad Program creates memorable and transforming global learning opportunities that enrich career preparation and foster commitments to global citizenship. The Program builds upon the University’s international context and challenging learning opportunities to support and inform students and faculty engaged in study and learning abroad. Comprehensive and responsive services address student and faculty interests and questions across the spectrum from planning a study abroad experience to engaging in a defined program, to returning and reintegrating into teaching and learning of the home school.   

Program Goals

1. Offer students unique opportunities for study and experience at exchange sites that are appealing and academically challenging.

2. Expand the current Exchange and Study Abroad program while assuring the quality of all aspects of the program.

3. Create a broad-based Exchange and Study Abroad program that offers an array of learning opportunities that have the potential to align with personal and professional goals of faculty and students, including careers in international arenas and organizations.

4. Allow students to explore global learning and global citizenship in an international setting. 

5. Provide an array of Exchange and Study Abroad program activities through high levels of collaboration among all the stakeholders of the University.

6. Increase faculty/college commitment to expanding global learning content in HPU degree programs and including study abroad experiences in degree requirements.

7. Achieve a positive reputation in Hawai‘i and beyond for the importance and the high quality of its Exchange and Study Abroad program for students and faculty.

8. Improve the program website.

9. Use HPU faculty and staff expertise to plan the future of various exchange and study abroad programs.

10. Engage in a comprehensive review of the international exchange and study abroad programs every 5 years.