Campus Recreation


Fitness and Health

Hawaii Pacific University is proud to be expanding fitness offerings for students, staff and faculty.  Whether it is having free access to a gym or taking a fitness class in between classes, the Campus Recreation program will keep improving options to engage as many people to enjoy these health benefits. 

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Exclusive HPU Student discounted memberships at the YWCA are now available! Pay $30 once per year, and fitness access is FREE!

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A new Campus Recreation initiative, utilizing Student Activity Fees, will help pay for the entire cost of a Laniakea YWCA monthly fitness passes, as well as a portion of the annual membership cost. A one year membership for an HPU student is only $30 (covers two semesters).



tai chi

Free Tai Chi & Kung Fu Classes: Wednesdays 3:30-5pm at LB PH (Beg. 9/18)

No Experience necessary!  A great way to relieve stress and learn about Chinese Martial Arts. 

Hawaii Loa Fitness Center


HPU currently offers a fitness center on the Hawaii Loa Campus (underneath the dining commons).  This fitness center is free and accessible to all students, faculty and staff with a valid HPU ID card.  With the entry card scanning system, University affiliates can utilize the gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just by swiping their card outside the door.  The fitness center offers almost everything the general student would need to get in a good workout, including: eliptical machines, treadmills, free weights, medicine balls, and a variety of options for those seeking advanced lifting and training. 

Recreational Sports Equipment

The Hawaii Loa Fitness Center also has equipment available for use.  Located directly in front of the restroom, students can find an array of sports items that can be borrowed and returned the same day.  To encourage more use of this equipment and the courts, HPU is instilling an honor policy, in hopes that the equipment can be used and returned in a timely fashion, for others to enjoy as well.  For questions or comments about the equipment please contact Campus Recreation at 544-9370.

Free Lap Swim

While HPU does not offer its own pool facility, there are several community pools that are available for free recreational swimming throughout Honolulu and nearby districts.  Please check below for lap swim and rec swim hours.  Don't forget, the YWCA has great pool options as well!

Pool Facility Lap Swim Hours Free Swim Hours Phone Number
Kaneohe District Swimming Pool (Map) MWF 7:00-1:30, M-F 4:00-5:00, TR 8:30-1:30, Sat 12-1:00 M-F 1:30-5:00, Sat 1:00-5:00, Closed Sun 808-233-7311
McCully District Park Pool (Map) MWF 10:00-12:00 M-F 3:00-5:00, Sat/Sun 1:00-5:00