Dean of Students

Dean of Students

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The Dean of Students is dedicated to supporting student success and creating an outstanding student experience at HPU. The Dean of Students oversees the co-curricular experience, which includes student activities, recognized student organizations, new student experience, student spaces, leadership development programs, university housing, and student disciplinary procedures via the Code of Student Conduct.

The Dean of Studentsalso addresses student concerns and grievances; coordinates programs and projects, including health insurance and services; and serves as the Title IX Coordinator. If you need assistance (e.g., navigating the college experience, adjusting to university life) while at HPU, please contact the Dean of Students at or through the Student Life Office at 808-544-0277.

Student Resources

HPU Student Handbook: A guide to the policies, procedures, and services that will help students thrive at HPU.  Students should pay careful attention to the University Policies and Procedures starting on page 41 (e.g., Academic Integrity policy, Alcohol and Drug policy, Code of Student Conduct, Network/Wireless Access policy, Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault policy, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974).

Alcoholic beverages in University owned housing: Student residents, and their guests are responsible for ensuring the University policy is upheld at all times with regard to alcohol beverages in University owned residential facilities. The use of alcohol is prohibited in some cases and regulated in others as described  Alcohol and Drug Policy Addition to the Residence LIfe policies. 

Student Health Insurance Options: Find out more information about the International Student Health Insurance Waiver and HPU student health insurance options with Kaiser.

Rave Alert: Receive emergency text messages on your mobile phone.

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy: It is the goal of Hawai'i Pacific University to provide the students, faculty, and staff an environment free from sexual discrimination, which includes sexual harassment and sexual offenses. For details on policies, procedures, and resources pertaining to harassment and discrimination, click here or refer to HPU's Student Handbook.

How to Make a Report

In order to take prompt and equitable corrective action, the university must be aware of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or related retaliation. Therefore, members of the HPU community who believe that they have been sexually harassed, the victim of sexual misconduct or know of someone who may have been sexually harassed or the victim of sexual misconduct by a student, faculty, staff or vendor/supplier are advised to bring the matter to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator or a Title IX Deputy Coordinator listed in the HPU Student Handbook as well as the appropriate law enforcement.

Filing a complaint takes separate actions:

  1. Report an incident to law enforcement;
  2. File a complaint through the university student disciplinary process [contact the Title IX or Deputy Title IX Coordinator at (808) 544-0277] or Human Resources process as appropriate to the involved parties (including the option of filing via the university’s compliance hotline 1-877-270-5054 or, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location);
  3. Choose to prosecute criminally and
  4. Choose to file a civil case.

HPU's "We Care" College Campus Safety Training

HPU is committeed to educating Hawaii's graduating high school students about campus safety and sex assault, before students are caught up in the flurry of freshmen onboarding, at a time when parents can guide the conversation. If you are a staff member at a local high school and would like HPU to bring the We Care presentation to your campus, please contact Ms. Jan Boivin at