Clubs and Student Organizations

RSO Forms and Instructions

Below is a list of most of the forms required for Registered Student Organizations. Read all instructions carefully and fill out forms completely before submitting to the correct person. If you have any questions, contact the Assistant Director of Student Organizations.

Student Organization Handbook

      Student Organization Handbook 


New Club Formation and Registration

Registration Application

Sample Constitution

Club Activities

Activity Request Form Instructions

Request to Solicit Form

Vehicle Request Form

Officer and Advisor Changes

Organization Membership Form

President and Advisor Agreement Form

Financial Forms

Payment Request

Deposit Form



Activity Request Form Instructions

To access the Activity Request Form online:

1. Log in to HPU Pipeline.

2. Click on the “Resources” tab.

3. In the “Web Forms” channel, select “Student Organization Activity Request Form” in the drop-down menu.

4. To view a form that has already been approved, click “Administration Panel.”

Approval Process:

1. Originator (person who completes the form) sends it to his/her club advisor. If you wish, CC the club president or anyone else who will need to see the form. Please do not CC Shari.

2. The advisor will receive an email with a link to the form.  If he/she approves of the activity, he/she would then route the form to Carrie Moore, Coordinator of Student Organizations. The email address will show up as

3. Room, table, and equipment reservations will be completed Once Student Life approves the form (via Carrie M. Moore and Marites McKee, Dean of Students), the Originator and anyone who was CC’d will receive notification, via email, that the activity has been approved.  Read the “Comments” section for room confirmations and whether additional information (e.g., liability waivers, advisor’s presence, vendor agreement) is required.