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Leaders for a Sustainable Future


Leaders for a Sustainable Future (LSF) strives to encourage sustainable practices both on campus and throughout the local community. By participating in diverse sustainability related events, LSF members have the opportunity to network, build their resume, gain leadership skills, and contribute to meaningful activities. During the spring 2015 semester LSF members participated in a beach clean up, created artwork from trash, screened a documentary about sustainable food production, and enjoyed potlucks and beach gatherings. LSF is open to sustainability related project ideas, and welcomes students from all majors to join in. Come help us build a more sustainable and resilient island and campus community.



Call for officers! Email us for more information!


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President: Lara Applegate

Treasurer: Adrienne Kleid

Editor: Michele David

Business Coordinator: Nathan Howard


Applicable to the following student interests: Global leadership, marine biology, environmental science, environmental studies, diplomatic relations, political science, social work, cross-disciplinary studies