Disability Resources Office

Textbooks in Alternate Format

The Disability Resources Office assists in providing textbooks in an alternate format for those who are eligible for this accommodation. Alternate format for textbooks eligibility is determined on a case by case basis based upon a student's medical documentation or functional limitations. Textbooks can be in the form of audio or a PDF e-text file.


The process for textbooks in alternate format can be lengthy. Therefore, students are advised to begin this process at least 3 weeks before the semester/term starts to ensure that you receive your texts at the start of the semester. Please keep in mind that the process may take longer than 3 weeks during peek times throughout the year.

Process for Textbooks in Alternate format

A. Student's Responsibilities

     1. As soon as your schedule is finalized, obtain your textbook information from the Bookstore's website:


     2. Using the information from the Bookstore's website, complete the Disability Resources Office form:

         Request for Books in Alternative Format

     3. Submit the form which goes to DRO

     4. Purchase your textbooks which you are requesting in alternate format

     5. Submit copies of your receipt(s) to the DRO for the books which you are requesting

     6. Check your HPU email account frequently in case the DRO has questions regarding your request

B. Disability Resources Office Responsibilities

     1. DRO will receive the request form via email

     2. DRO will receive a copy of the student's receipt(s)

     3. DRO will begin the process of obtaining textbooks in alternate format

     4. DRO will contact student via their HPU email account notifying them that their textbook(s) are available

     5. DRO will assist student in using the alternate format with assistive technology or other methods

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.