Disability Resources Office

Note Taking Services

The Disability Resources Office (DRO) provides note taking accommodations for students whose documented disability interferes with their abilities to take notes. This service is provided as a necessary academic accommodation and is not considered a substitute for a student's full participation in each class. The Disability Resources Office offers paid and volunteer positions for students to be note takers for their peers.

What is a peer note taker?

A peer note taker is a fellow student who either gets paid or volunteers to submit notes on courses which they may or may not be registered for. A note taker attends all lectures and takes notes which are legible and accurate and then submits them to the Disability Resources Office for distribution. Notes are to be submitted to the DRO within a 24-48 hour time period.

If a note taker is taking notes on a course which they are not registered for, they are not required to participate in class discussions, assignments, and exams.


Any information regarding a student’s disability is confidential. Therefore, note takers may not know the identity of the student whom they are taking notes for and vice versa. It is ok if the student receiving notes and the note taker should identify themselves to each other. However, the note taker must keep the information confidential. For confidentiality of the student requesting a note taker and assurance that notes are being taken, notes are submitted and distributed via the DRO.

What do I do if I need a note taker?

Students requesting this accommodation must meet with our Coordinator. Requesting this accommodation as soon as possible is important as this service requires advanced planning. Students eligible for this accommodation must notify DRO prior to the start of the semester informing them which classes they will be needing notes. Students are also required to attend class regularly as the notes provided are to supplement and NOT replace their own notes.

What are my responsibilities as a student receiving notes?
  • Attend all classes which you are receiving notes for
  • Stay on top of your syllabi regarding deadlines and dates for tests/quizzes/assignments which are announced in class, despite the information being in the notes

What is my role as the Instructor when a note taker is needed?

The scheduling of note takers is arranged through the DRO. As the instructor, you will receive an email from the DRO notifying you that a note taker will be attending your course. The note taker scheduled for your course will also present you with a memo from the DRO. We encourage you the Instructor and the sit in note taker to meet so that the note taker can get acquainted and get an understanding of your lecture style. We are hopeful that this initial meeting between note taker and Instructor will facilitate open lines of communication which will be helpful throughout the semester.

If the DRO is unable to find a note taker for, you may be asked if you know of a good student whom you can refer to the DRO to recruit as a note taker.

What do I do if there is a note taker in my class?

If there is a note taker in your class, please do not  make an announcement about it to the class. Please treat the note taker as a member of your class with the exception that they do not participate in class discussions, assignments, or tests/quizzes.

What are the requirements to become a note taker?

The DRO is always looking for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a GPA or 2.5 or higher
  • Take clear and comprehensive notes from lecture ( legible handwriting and or accurate typing)
  • Responsible and reliable

Expectations of a note taker:

  • Commitment to your assigned classes for the entire semester/term
  • Submitting notes to the DRO on time
  • Responsibility for turning in time cards on time to ensure payment

Want to become a note taker?

The Disability Resources Office is currently seeking reliable students to provide note taking assistance for students with documented disabilities.  If you are interested in helping a fellow Sea Warrior, please log on to HPU CONNECT and search “note taker”