Disability Resources Office

Exam Accommodations

The Disability Resources Office has partnered with the Center for Academic Success on the Downtown campus as well as Atherton Library at the Hawaii Loa campus to provide proctored testing in a quiet and undisturbed area. Testing services are offered to students who have registered with the Disability Resources Office and have a current letter of accommodations.

Exam Accommodation Process Updates

As mentioned in our "Fall 2012 Memo to Instructors", we are piloting a new process that is student driven when requesting exam accommodations. We are happy to announce that our new electronic form is now available. Please read below for our updated process for ADA Exam Accommodation Requests. Click here for an overview of the process.

Current Exam Accommodation Process

The Exam Accommodations Calendar below displays the various available testing dates and locations. Each color represents a different location. By clicking on a color, you will see the testing time options within the "Description" portion.

Process for ADA Exam Accommodation Requests

A. Student’s Responsibilities

1. Log into Pipeline and click on MyCourses tab.

2. Complete the electronic ADA Exam Accommodation form which is found in the Learning Resources Section on the left column of the page. To select test date, time, and location, refer to the Exam Accommodation calendar above

3. Submit the completed electronic form to your instructors HPU email address  (ex:jdoe@hpu.edu). It is your responsibility to ensure that your request was received by your instructor.

B. Instructor’s Responsibilities

4. Students are instructed to begin this process a minimum of at least five (5) working days BEFORE the date of the exam, however this process can begin at any time BEFORE that.  Please be sure to check your HPU email frequently  as student’s are instructed to use only HPU email addresses for this request. If you prefer to use another email address please take the time to forward your HPU email.

5. Upon receiving student’s request you will approve/disapprove information. Please confirm accommodations as they are listed on their accommodation letter , select any additional criteria the student is allowed during the test, the test date and time, and other information.

6. Forward information to the following email: disabilityresources@hpu.edu.

7. Submit sealed exam directly to the Disability Resources Office (two business days prior to the confirmed date).

C. Disability Resources Office (DRO) Responsibilities:

8. DRO will send a confirmation email to both the student and instructor 48 hours prior to the confirmed test date and time.

9. DRO will receive the sealed exam from faculty support (or instructor) no less than 24 hours BEFORE exam.

10. Testers are reminded to report 5-10 minutes prior to the start time:

  • If you are testing at the Center for Academic Success, please check in at the front desk and ask for the Testing Coordinator.
  • If you are testing at the Atherton Library on the Hawaii Loa Campus, please meet your proctor in the 1st floor lobby.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.