Disability Resources Office

Documenting a Disability

Students who seek support services are required to submit documentation to verify their eligibility. The documentation must be signed by a certified physician or psychologist and include the following: (1) diagnosis of a specific physical or mental (including learning) disability and the precise accommodations that are necessary, and (2) reference to evaluation reports that are based upon the guidelines for certification. Please read our  “Documenting A Disability document so that you aware of the type of documentation we will need.

It is important to meet with our Disability Resources Specialist as early as possible to ensure sufficient time to arrange and or provide services. Please feel free to contact the Disability Resources Office at 808-544-1197 if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment with our Specialist.

Services Provided

The Disability Resources Office provides accommodations to students with documented disabilities. Please click here to view our services provided.