Disability Resources Office

Prior to the start of each semester, if you are eligible for any accommodations which requires advanced planning please contact the DRO as soon as possible once your schedule is finalized. Please also follow each of the following steps to ensure a smooth transition into a new semester.

  • Read your syllabi for each of the courses which you have registered for. For step by step instructions on how to find your syllabi via Pipeline, click here.  Please keep in mind that not all syllabi are available ahead of time.
  • If you have been approved for the textbooks in an alternate format accommodation, purchase your texts as soon as possible and send a copy of the receipt(s) to the DRO so that your texts can be requested. Be sure to submit your Request form as soon as possible as it generally takes about 2 weeks to process requests.  The request form is available here.
  • If you are eligible for note taking accommodations, contact the DRO as soon as your schedule is finalized to inform them which courses you will need a note taker. This accommodation requires advanced planning.
  • Pick up your accommodation letters and or request an electronic copy if you are enrolled in any online courses.
  • Within the first week of school, meet with each of your Professors in a private and quiet setting ( i.e. office hours) to discuss your accommodations and how each accommodation will be implemented in their course
  • Be aware of important deadlines such as the last day to drop a course with and without a “W”. You can check those dates here.