Living in the Community

A Place of Your Own

Finding housing in a place which is new to you provides opportunities and challenges.  This resource is designed to help you think about important factors when searching for housing.

Regardless of where you choose to live off-campus, you know yourself, your budget, your priorities and your needs better than anyone else.  It is important to be realistic in your housing search and know that you may not get everything you want; however, having a list of your essential items, your desired amenities and your budget are important first steps.  Consider the following factors in your housing search:

Cost for housing

  • What can you afford (numbers of roommates) and budget
  • Proximity to school (How close do you want to live?)
  • Desired location and living environment
  • Safety/Security of the area and building
  • Desired amenities (cable, phone, utilities, etc.)

Areas of Oahu/Transportation

  • There are various locations on Oahu where people live
  • Transportation to campus: The City Bus, HPU intra-campus shuttle from the Downtown to Hawaii Loa Campus

Landlord’s/Student’s Considerations

  • Credit and ability to pay
  • Responsibility
  • Noise
  • Pay rent on time
  • Longevity in unit - how long have you lived in the unit in the past (other location)
  • Past rental history in Hawaii

Rental application process

  • Prices - know what you can afford
  • Availability - when is the unit available
  • Interviewing - treat the rental application as a job interview
  • Getting around to see units
  • Open House/Viewing a unit
  • Rental Application Fees: $10 - $45
  • Often a co-signer is required on the lease

Completing the rental application and signing the lease

  • You will need personal and financial information
  • Expect to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit
  • Always view/inspect the property prior to signing any agreements
  • Get a copy of the move-in inspection and if you disagree with anything in the contract, inquire before signing
  • Read any document you sign very carefully and always get a copy
  • If living with others, try to get to know them first
  • All roommates who sign the lease are jointly responsible for the financial terms of lease